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Detective & Judge – HDAlice Nevers – Le Juge est une Femme – HD

Young and attractive Alice Nevers is a very efficient and ingenious general attorney. But as a Judge, she has some power that she wouldn’t like to have. She is helped by the captain Fred Marquand, a charming forties man, a bit boorish, but protective and really as stubborn as Alice. Whereas our charming attorney is really a hardworking girl, bringing back files at home to work late in the night, our cop knows how to make her enjoying life. A game of seduction, lots of sparkles, with also a deep affection and a taste for truth will lead them to complete investigations with complicity. Taking care of each other, with both laughs and tears, they are always confronting themselves with humanity.

Alice Nevers est juge d’instruction. Jeune, belle, elle utilise avec pertinence tous les pouvoirs que sa fonction lui confère. Leur complicité sur le terrain se nourrit de leur mutuelle séduction. Ensemble, ils font émerger la vérité se servant chacun de leurs propres armes.

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