4 Eyes

Emma is a popular 10 years-old alien girl whose grades find her having to repeat the fifth grade. Her parents strip her of her powers, technological gadgets and send her to a boarding school on Earth «to see how the other half lives». As if being held back a grade wasn’t enough, Emma has to assume the form of a human. A 5th grade human! Which is about as bad as things can get… until she discovers that two of her most obvious human distinctive feature are not accepted on Earth: she’s homely and she wears glasses! All together, these things make her time spent away from her planet even more unbearable. Kids tease her of «geek, dweeb, nerd» but especially «four eyes», which makes her mad. Yet underneath Emma’s bravado, she is just a kid with real emotions that easily get stung by the jeers of her classmates. Emma’s outward appearance lands her in with a couple of equally- geekish humans Pete and Skyler, who become her confidant and can help her deal with the Human world as she morphs into her alien form trying to pass the fifth grade and get back home.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 52

Length : 13'

Director(s) : Patrick Claeys

Author(s) : Darryl Kluskowski, Fred Schaefer

Producer(s) : Pictor Media, Porchlight Entertainment, Telegael Teoranta

Format : 52 X 13’

Type : Comedy