Appointment with a killer – HD

Stephane Herman is the main witness in the Maertens family’s disappearance. Newpapers are focusing on him… Raphaelle Saulec, a young up and coming reporter, turns him into a TV star. Meanwhile, Luc Del Monte, the investigating officer on the case, is persuaded everyone is being manipulated. He firmly believes that Herman is a « life stealer », someone willing to kill in order to steal his victim’s life and assume their identity. In order to prove this, Del Monte must convince Raphaelle that she is being manipulated by pure evil.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 2

Length : 52'

Director(s) : Claude-Michel Rome

Author(s) : Claude-Michel Rome

Producer(s) : Made in PM, AT Production

Format : 2 X 52'

Type : Thriller