Where Blade Runner meets Sleeping Beauty, Argai is a modern tale that gets us into a terrifying and futuristic world, its omnipresent technology, and in the deep Middle Ages with its legends and charms. This is also an action series with humor and multiple adventures taking us to unknown places. We will penetrate the far ends of cosmos, uncovering dangerous, forbidden parts of the planet, like New York in the Third Millenium. We discover the ancient legends of our civilization: the mystery of the giant Egyptian pyramids, the cabalistic scriptures, building cathedrals and the secret of the philosopher’s stone – mysteries to tempt and trigger our imagination.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 26

Length : 26'

Director(s) : Jean-César Suchorski

Author(s) : Sébastien Dorsey

Producer(s) : Carrere Group, La Coloniale, D’Ocon Films

Format : 26 X 26'

Type : Action / Adventure / Comedy / Science Fiction