Arzak Rhapsody

Arzak is a lone traveler. Riding on his faithful anti-gravity Pterodactyl («where nothing too serious can happen to him»), he flies at random over parallel worlds, exploring fantastic universes peopled by strange creatures, and lands in the most unexpected and unlikely places. His adventures are unforeseen deviations on his journey. They lead him to strange meetings and experiences, sometimes dangerous but always exciting, somewhere on the frontier between dream and a reality that exists on the far side of real. Moebius takes us to a place he only knows – another dimension – dreamlike and mysterious. He reminds us that if we want to see a thing clearly, we have to get in touch with its opposite. Through shadows, we reach the light, and the closer we get to the light, the more we learn about our own shadows…

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 14

Length : 3'30''

Director(s) : MŒBIUS

Author(s) : MŒBIUS

Producer(s) : Wolfl and Pictures, Carrere Group

Format : 14 X 3’30’’

Type : Adventure