BoBoiBoy – HD

An alien named Adu lands on earth and plans to steal all the cocoa as it’s a powerful source of energy for his people. To ensure the success of this mission, Adu activated a powersphere that was supposed to grant him superpowers, but was accidentally found by BoBoiBoy and his friends. Our new superheroes are now doing what any kids with powers would do : they use the powersphere to have fun and to make their own lives easier. In the meantime, they keep battling back against Adu who is trying whatever it takes to get the powersphere back.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 44

Length : 22'

Director(s) : Nizam Razak

Author(s) : Nizam Razak

Producer(s) : Animonsta Studios

Format : 44 x 22'

Type : CGI/ Animation / Comedy