Bricks’n Brats

A story of friendship, in a harsh and noisy world of sworn enemies, in a world of brutes. A story of larceny and mayhem, of getting by with a little of this and a little of that, of people getting screwed and people just being people. Above all, a story of brotherhood, understanding and freedom ! There are three of them and nothing and no one can come between them. One, Outtahere, is strong, sweet, uncomplicated; still, anytime there’s mischief to be done, he’s out of here, and into it ! His partner is Shutup, the wily one, a master planner. The third one is Scotch, a character partaking of E.T. and of Chaplin, who navigates between dream and reality, a little boy with no voice, but a devastating smile that disrupts the established order, turning it upside down. Three kids, situated somewhere between the Marx Brothers, the Simpsons and the Three Stooges, running amok among the residents of a small city: with gaiety, tenderness, and, occasionally, the requisite acidity, they explore the contradictions of the grownup world…

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 39

Length : 7'

Director(s) : Augusto Zanovello, Bernard Bétrémieux

Author(s) : Bernard Bétrémieux

Producer(s) : B.Productions, Carrere Group

Format : 39 X 7'

Type : Comedy