• 1994
  • 1993
  • 1990
  • 1975


Cajoo is a mischievous little tiger who lives with his family, in a tender and friendly environment. He is surrounded by his parents, his grandfather PAPOO, his grandmother MAMOO, his little sister PAYLA and his friends: BALAFON the show-off little monkey, BOBO the sleepy koala and a junglewise little panther named CHAPATI.The series tells the daily adventures of Cajoo, which are those of a typical 4 to 5 year old boy. These adventures take place in a family circle widened to Cajoo’s group of friends. circle that Cajoo grows up, develops his personality, at the same time as playing with his friends.

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Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 78

Length : 7’ and 1’30

Director(s) : Stéphane Lezoray

Author(s) : Sydélia Guirao

Producer(s) : Les Armateurs / Pipangaï Production / ADI / RFO

  • 10062

Format : 52 X 7’ and 26 X 1’30

Type : Preschool / Family