Eternal Ashes

« Eternal Ashes » tells the story of Ana and her daughter Elena. Despite the accident that split them up, both kept united by filiation bonds. After her accident in the furious flow of the mythical Orinoco River, in the fifties, Ana was considered dead. Actually, she took shelter in a Yanomami’s tribe, a thousand year old people who live in the heart of Amazonian forest. Years later, Elena, her daughter, who grew up with the negligible possibility that her mother is alive, decides to go to the Amazon in search of her origins.

Category : Fiction / Feature film

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 112'

Director(s) : Margarita Cadenas

Author(s) : Margarita Cadenas, Evelyne Ropert

Producer(s) : Inversiones Talento C.A., MC2 Productions, CNAC, Antoni Films, Cines Unidos, PDVSA-CVP

Format : 112'

Type : Drama / Adventure