Childhood Secrets

When psychiatrist Vera Cabral is called to assess a female inmate in Fleury prison, her involvement becomes more personal than she could ever have imagined. Vera Cabral is an emergency psychiatrist who is used to being called upon for particularly tricky and unusual situations. When she finds herself in a cell with a prisoner who has just taken a baby hostage, she has no idea that she is about to become mixed up in a family drama whose roots extend as far back as the Algerian war for independence, forty years ago. And she has no idea that becoming involved in this case will have major repercussions in her private life.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 2

Length : 90'

Director(s) : Arnaud Sélignac

Author(s) : Virgine Brac

Producer(s) : Pascale Breugnot, Ego Productions

Format : 2 X 90’

Type : Thriller