Chuao, the marvellous valley

Chuao is a small village of Venezuela, isolated in the heart of a nature reserve and accessible only from the sea. For 500 years this old Spanish colonial hacienda, whose inhabitants descend from the first African slaves in the valley, has grown the best cocoa in the world. Nowadays, the small production of the valley, mostly drained for Europe, is worth its weight in gold as a result of an ancestral unique environmental know-how perpetuated from generation to generation. On the other hand, its lifestyle, which has not much changed since the colonial era, faces a huge challenge: a road project that may threaten its balance. Through the lives of the people and their work on cocoa production, we discover their deepest values and worldview. Thus, we try to understand the delicate and complex balance between development and tradition in Chuao’s micro-society.

Category : Documentary

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 52'

Director(s) : Hamilton Becerra, Gael Jacquemin

Author(s) : Hamilton Becerra, Gael Jacquemin

Producer(s) : MC2 Productions, Cinésens et Cityzen TV

Format : 52'

Type : Documentary / Travel / Histoire