Father’s Footsteps

In the early 70s, Felix and Mireille and their children Eric and Michel move from Israel to the working-class Parisian neighborhood of Belleville. The family has barely settled in when Felix meets Serge, a local gang leader. Serge leads Felix down the path of organized rime, until his arrest, when Felix decides to step into Serge’s shoes asthe leader of the gang. The shame is too much for Mireille to bear so she tells the children
their father has gone back to Israel to join the army. But tensions between rival gangs and the discovery of the truth about his father lead Michel to experiment with violence and follow in his father’s footsteps. It is up to Mireille to find the strength to hold her family together and protect them from themselves.

Category : Feature Film

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 95'

Director(s) : Marco Carmel

Author(s) : Marco Carmel

Producer(s) : Mercredi Films

Format : 95'

Type : Drama