Like a Fish Out of water

To commit the perfect scam, you have to know how to swim in deep waters. B.B (Théky Karyo) plans his last job with the help of Malvin (Dominique Pinon), a door-gun and hothead and of the sensual and calculator Myrtille (Monica Belluci). Their purpose: steal and then resell to a rich boss a very rare exotic fish being able to yield them a million dollars. But the three swindlers need to thwart the innate sense of the boss to feel the swindles. They recruit the ideal Désiré (Michel Muller) pigeon who in addition to his naivety is amateur of rare fish. All they need now to do is to introduce Désiré to the Boss and put in place their plan. In less then 24 hours, they will be rich … or eaten by a bigger fish then them.

Available only for France

Category : Feature Film

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 90'

Director(s) : Hervé Hadmar

Author(s) : Hervé Hadmar

Producer(s) : Stéphane Tavenas, Horizon Productions, Carrere Group

Format : 90'

Type : Comedy / Action