The Cotoons are just like a mini-society that lives in a world parallel to ours. They look like young children disguised as animals (a zebra, a lion, a frog, a bee) but they are neither, unique as they are in their own identity. The Cotoons are happy-go-lucky, free as the breeze, amazingly curious creatures. They never get angry, and always seem to find the right solution to their problems by working things out together. The ground on which they walk is made of a putty-like substance which they use to make everything they need: a car, a house, gifts… They call it Patacotoon ©. Whenever they like, the Cotoons can visit our world by creating a door, a portal. They become candid, curious, innocent explorers of our world in a child-like way. When the Cotoons travel to our world, they see exactly what we see, but for the very first time. Each episode has a dilemma to resolve when the Cotoons leap into our world through the portal: where do eggs come from? and honey? Do all animals have a home? What is rhythm? How do flowers grow?

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 26

Length : 7'

Director(s) : Philippe Percebois

Author(s) : Manon, Muguette Berthelet

Producer(s) : Film en Stock, Zone 3

Format : 26 X 7'

Type : CGI / Earlyschool