Daddy’s Gone Bats – HD

Hi, I’m Kiss. I’m 15 years old. Since his accident, my father’s been a vampire. It’s because a bat called Irma bit him. But we’re not mad at him anymore. Irma lives with Daddy in the attic and narrates the various episodes in our lives. I have a mean little brother, my mother’s a nurse. You’ll see – we’re a regular family!

Category : Live-Action

Number of Episodes : 26

Length : 26'

Director(s) : Philippe Bérenger

Author(s) : Philippe Bérenger, Stéphane Ben Lahcene, Fabrice Pelette, Cécile Berger, Agathe Robilliard

Producer(s) : Made in PM

Format : 26 X 26'

Type : Comedy