In the wake of Great Navigators – HD

The story of how the New World was discovered has always had strong links with maritime exploration. Before the invention of the jet engine, sea travel was the only way to explore. Driven by the desire to find out what lay beyond the horizon, our great navigators pushed back the boundaries of the unknown and brought us closer to these faraway lands. From Brazil to Patagonia, from Chile to Polynesia, this nomadic documentary series follows the path of the celebrated explorers of the 16th century. Shot both on land and at sea aboard French sailing legend Olivier de Kersauson’s ship, “Ocean Alchimist”, this series takes us on a voyage of discovery to explore extraordinary landscapes and meet incredible peoples.

Category : Documentary

Number of Episodes : 6

Length : 52'

Director(s) : Jean-Pierre Viguié

Author(s) : Jean-Pierre Viguié

Producer(s) : PMP SAS, Morgane Productions

Format : 6 X 52'

Type : Documentary / Travel / Exploration