Detective & Judge – HD

Young and attractive Alice Nevers is a very efficient and ingenious general attorney. But as a Judge, she has some power that she wouldn’t like to have. She is helped by the captain Fred Marquand, a charming forties man, a bit boorish, but protective and really as stubborn as Alice. Whereas our charming attorney is really a hardworking girl, bringing back files at home to work late in the night, our cop knows how to make her enjoying life. A game of seduction, lots of sparkles, with also a deep affection and a taste for truth will lead them to complete investigations with complicity. Taking care of each other, with both laughs and tears, they are always confronting themselves with humanity.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 61

Length : 90' and 52'

Director(s) : René Manzor, Olivier Barma

Author(s) : Mathias Gavarry, Laurent Vachaud, Alain Patetta, Jean-Marc Auclair, Marie-Alice Gadea

Producer(s) : Ego Productions

Format : 16 X 90’ and 45 X 52’

Type : Police