Dungeons & Dragons 2

Damodar takes possession of the Black Globe, the source of the four founding elements : Water, Earth, Wind and Fire. With it, he has absolute power and commands a Black Dragon to destruct the Ismir kingdom. The end is close and an army is formed to save the people of the kingdom but time is short before the dragon awakens. Five fighters, Berek, Dorian, Lux, Ormaline and Nim set off to face the dangers and solve the mysteries which will lead them to the globe before it’s too late.

Available only for France

Category : Feature Film

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 90'

Director(s) : Gerry Lively

Author(s) : Brian Rudnick, Robert Kimmel

Producer(s) : Studio Hamburg, Worldwide Pictures, Zinc Entertainment Sweetpea Ltd., Steve Clarck-Hall, Wolfgang Esenwein, Ramunas Skikas

Format : 90'

Type : Adventure / Fantastic / Action