Einsatzgruppen, the Death Brigades

In June 1941, the German army invades the USSR. Following behind are the Einsatzgruppen, 3,000 men grouped into four “intervention groups” each given a designated geographical region, sent to exterminate Jews and enemies of the Reich. Within a few months, the genocide work is accomplished. In December 1941, the Baltic countries are declared “Judenfrei” – free of Jews… Who were these men who organised and carried out the mass murder of Jews, Gypsies and Soviet prisoners? Where were they from? What were their motivations? What path did they follow after the destruction of Jews and the German debacle? Using testimonies gathered from the Baltic countries, the Ukraine, Germany, but also from Israel and the United-States, the victims, rare survivors and their executioners reveal the terrible and little known reality of this extermination by firing squad. Previously unseen archive footage, the scenes of these crimes, testimonies and interviews of world renowned international experts describe the horror that, over the course of a four year period, established its reign in central Europe.

Category : Documentary

Number of Episodes : 2

Length : 90'

Director(s) : Michel Prazan

Author(s) : Michel Prazan

Producer(s) : Kuiv productions

Format : 2 X 90'

Type : Historical / Documentary / Archives