Elias, the little rescue boat

Little Elias starts his career in the charming costal village of Cozy Cove. Among the many colourful characters he encounters are the rough and tough deep sea fishing boat Trawler, who only cares about making money. The Singing Boathouses who comments on each day’s events a capella and old Smacky who is mostly concerned about his tired hull and often falls asleep at sea. The rescue helicopter helinor is a tough little girl who’s good at straightening things out and far out by the open seas stands the lighthouse Big Blinky who’s been there as long as anyone can remember. Slowly but surely, Elias proves himself both trustworthy and brave, as he goes about saving one boat in dire straits after the other. Humans have no place in this universe. Each episode focuses primarily on entertainment but will also try to show children how a coastal society works and how important each member is for the community. Using the world’s most powerful 3D animation and visual effects makes the visual world of Elias unique.

Available only for French-speaking Territories (including Quebec)

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 26

Length : 12'

Director(s) : Filmkameratene AS

Author(s) : Espen Fyksen, Øyvind Rune Stålen

Producer(s) : John M. Jacobsen, Sveinung Golimo, Filmkameratene AS

Format : 26 X 12’

Type : Preschool / Adventure / Comedy / CGI