Lost Over France – HD

An unsung hero gives his life for a war which is not his

In 1941, two Malaysian brothers, barely out of their teens, with a love of flying, join the Royal British Air Force and travel across the world to fight as heroes against the might of the German army. In July 1944, the eldest, Henry, takes off aboard one of the most feared fighter planes of its time, the Typhoon. He never returns to base and is presumed dead after a fierce air-to-ground battle in northen France. His family’s determination to uncover answers leads us to Airan, a small village in Normandy.

Category : Documentary

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 46'

Director(s) : Redza Zainal

Author(s) : Dina Nawawi / Chris Humphrey

Producer(s) : 3 Line Media

Format : 46'

Type : Historical / Documentary / Archives / 3D