Edge of Truth (The)

At 30, Thomas Croze is a promising young ski champion. This charming, impulsive and enthhusiastic young man, is living a passionate affair with Hélène, Alex de Graf’s wife, a cousin who dominated Thomas’ childhood. Accused of murdering his mistress, Thomas is wrongly sentenced to thirteen years in jail. Thomas comes out of prison tougher, wounded but determined. Haunted by the injustice he suffered, he has only one goal : to vindicate himself.

Available only for France

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 5

Length : 96'

Director(s) : Gérard Marx

Author(s) : Michel Delgado, Dominique Lancelot, Alexis Lecaye

Producer(s) : Auteurs Associés

Format : 5 X 96’

Type : Suspense / Passion / Saga