Hoze Houndz

The Hoze Houndz are a bumbling team of six fire fighting Dalmations who run the Fire Department in Bonehead Hollow, a small town in a crazy cat and dog world. The fun loving Hoze Houndz constantly get involved in outlandish adventures which test their teamwork. Hozer’s fear of making a decision, Fountaine’s obsession with technology, Cristal’s lack of focus, Squirt’s single-minded determination, Steamer’s impatience and Brook’s gloomy nature are the key ingredients in this disastrous trouble. Bonehead Hollow is constantly under seige by nut- bar villains and schemers who invariably end up in tangle with the Houndz. All in all, it’s a miracle that the Houndz survive but somehow their oddball talents come to unravel the schemes and dreams of whoever dares take on this dysfunctioal team.

Available only for France, Belgium, Switzerland

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 26

Length : 30'

Director(s) : Chris Roy, Stacey Eberschlag

Author(s) : Eric Lunsky, Duncan Mckenzie, Steve Pratt, Peter Syn-Wittgenstein

Producer(s) : Mark Edwards, Amberwood Production

Format : 26 X 30'

Type : Comedy