Ink & Blood – HD

Julie Martial is receiving red envelopes, each containing a note that describes a crime 24 hours before it happens. But the latest envelope sent by the “Rubber-Stamp Murderer” describes her own murder. Marc Simon of the Criminal Bureau faces a tough job in finding the connection between these corpses, none of whom knew each other in life and yet who share the same murderer. What is the link between these killings? What is Julia Martial’s role in this affair? And above all, what is the meaning of the number – never the same one – which the killer writes on the victim’s forehead? It’s by unearthing the answer to this last question that Marc Simon will manage to unravel this strange and deadly game of vengeance. Because the killer and the motive are a long way from what anyone might have imagined…

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 1 or 2

Length : 90' or 52'

Director(s) : Charlotte Brandstrom

Author(s) : Lorraine Lévy

Producer(s) : Solo Films, PM Holding

Format : 90' or 2 X 52'

Type : Thriller