Always Next to You

Anne freshly divorced lives with her daughter Lisa in a huge house surrounded by a lake. Her wedding years with Gabriel, a crooked cop and violent husband, were disastrous but are nothing by comparison with what she gets ready to live. During a fight between Anne and Gabriel, Gabriel falls down badly and loses consciousness. Anne calls for help, but when they arrive, Gabriel has disappeared. Begins now for Anne a terrible nightmare, She is first accused of killing Gabriel then imprisoned, separated from her daughter Lisa. Thanks to her best friend, Guilaine and an old colleague of Gabriel, Julien, she is at last acquitted and freed. But when she gets out of prison, an unknown harasses her, going as far as assaulting violently in her own house. Is it about Gabriel, who fakes death? Anne is persuaded, but cannot prove it.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 2

Length : 65'

Director(s) : Claudio Tonetti

Author(s) : Alexis Lecaye

Producer(s) : Dajma

Format : 2 X 65'

Type : Drama