Julie Around the World, a cooking world tour

Julie Around the World is a cultural-gastronomical-travelling series in which the young and beautiful Julie takes us to 10 different countries. She will show us the traditional, the modern, the secret and the glamourous side of each country.

  • «Traditional» when she tells us about the art of sushi in Tokyo or the traditional way of eating oysters in a tiny, unknown fishermen’s village in the south of Thailand or how to eat a real Mezze with Lebanese people in Beyrouth.
  • «Modern» when you discover the mixed cooking in the Mauritius palace the SPOON DES ILES by ALAIN DUCASSE.
  • «Secret» when Julie sneaks in kitchens to show you the secret making of famous Portuguese pastries, or invites you to a snake soup party in a hidden Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong.
  • «Glamour» when meeting with ALAIN DUCASSE’s chef in Mauritius or with Itlalian prince of Venice CIPRIANI in his famous Harry’s Bar.
  • «Glamour» again « with the beautiful sets we have chosen in each country where Julie prepares a dish (different in each country) : on a palace’s roof in Venice, in the green & blue sea of Mauritius, in a gothic castel in Portugal, in a sacred an holy place in Japan, in an 18th century Cinese house in Malacca

and so on…

Category : Documentary

Number of Episodes : 10

Length : 26'

Director(s) : Julie Andrieu

Author(s) : Julie Andrieu

Producer(s) : Carrere Group DA (Une Grosse Boîte Américaine), Cuisine TV

Format : 10 X 26'

Type : Travel / Tourism / Cooking