Katie and Orbie

Katy is an exuberant five-year old girl, teetering on the brink of starting school. She spends her time learning, exploring, and explaining things to her new found friend, the small, pink, and inquisitive Orbie. Together they learn about life, more often than not with Katie having to laughingly stop and explain to Orbie the proprer way to do things.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 78 or 234

Length : 30' or 7'

Director(s) : Lee Williams

Author(s) : Mary Mackay-Smith, Ben & Susan Wicks, Alex Szewczuk

Producer(s) : Weldon Poapst, Amberwood Animation

Format : 78 X 30’ or 234 X 7’

Type : Still Animation / Preschool