A Cow, a cat & the ocean – HD

Once upon a time, there was a Cow who was bored, very bored. Her only friend was the Cat who wasn’t very happy on the farm either. One day, the farmer decided to send the Cow off to the butcher. Horrified, the two friends ran away… And thus began their long journey to the legendary Animal Island, where all the animals live happy and free. On their way, they will make many stops and come across seasick pirates, rodeo seahorses, pickpocket octopussies, macho bulls, sardines in summer camp…

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 52

Length : 13'

Director(s) : Prakash Topsy

Author(s) : Alain Serluppus, Philippe Poirier, Jean-Louis Bachelier...

Producer(s) : Philippe Delarue, Futurikon

Format : 52 X 13’

Type : Adventure / Comedy