Last Sign (The)

Kathleen, 37, is trying to heal her wounds after the death of Jeremy, her alcoholic husband. Their years together were bittersweet, tainted with violence, pain, and betrayed love. Strange, disturbing occurrences disrupt her safe heaven. Telephone calls with no caller come every night just after midnight. Objects and photos oddly disappear. The figure 8 manifests itself repeatedly. In this whirlwind, she learns that her co-worker, Elise, is a gifted medium. Elise brings Kathleen to understand that Jeremy is calling out for forgiveness. Without her pardon, his soul will never rest in peace. She realizes that by chaining Jeremy with her unforgiveness, she is keeping herself in a prison cell.Available only for France

Category : Feature Film

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 90'

Director(s) : Douglas Law

Author(s) : Heidrun Schleef, Ron Base, Anne Ray-Wendling

Producer(s) : Transfi lm, Spice Factory, Carrere Group

Format : 90'

Type : Thriller