Gods of Mount Olympus

These are the incomparable drawings of Nadja, star of children literature, in 26 amazing stories inspired by the original, most incredible soap of them all, greek mythology. Zeus the inveterate womaniser, lives with Hera his cuckolded wife and her obsessive collection of jewellery. Apollo the handsome idiot, Hermes the pimp with his mobile phone, the beautiful Aphrodite and her very ugly husband, Ara the lacemaker or Helios the jealous spy. All this little world bustling under our eyes in 26 episodes full of humour, action and above all fun, in the purest tradition of the classical cartoons that made us all laugh so much.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 26

Length : 13'

Director(s) : Francis Nielsen

Author(s) : Nadja

Producer(s) : Carrere Group, Rooster Studio, Videomage

Format : 26 X 13’

Type : Comedy