Girls of Plazza di Spagnia (The)

Fiamma, Bianca and Nathalie deal with the problems of their careers and hearts. True to her humble but wholesome origins, Bianca, though sought after by all the major fashion designers, has no trouble choosing between a penniless musician and an arrogant fur magnate. Fiamma, who plays Inspector Rosa in a successful television series, is hounded by the threatening telephone calls of a stalker and is unsettled by an alluring male detective who follows her every move. Nathalie wants a career as a fashion designer, though she must deal with the practical problems of the firm and little Joujou, as well as the dangerous envy of her rivals. But there’s a far more serious threat: Marcello seems to be in love with a girl who does not neglect him the way his wife does.

Available only for France

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 2

Length : 90'

Director(s) : Angelo Rizzoli

Author(s) : Carmela Cicinati, Pietro Exacoustos

Producer(s) : Anna Giolitti, Produzioni Aventino

Format : 2 X 90’

Type : Saga