French Integrity

With a law degree in his back pocket, Rodolphe, a public library employee, is secretly in love with his co-worker, Agnes. Unfortunately the feeling is not mutual, as Agnes prefers obnoxious men, usually finding herself in humiliating situations. As luck would have it, the crooked and career-oriented PR, Aurore Langlois, gets to meet Rodolphe. She is ready to do anything she can to be part of a circle of well-educated politicians, including using the poor Rodolphe to get there. Her latest target is François Guerambois, a 45 year-old mayor.

Category : Feature Film

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 94

Director(s) : Bob Decout

Author(s) : Bob Decout

Producer(s) : DMVB Films, Fehrmann Prods., Mate Prods., Open Art Prods., Carrere Group

Format : 94'

Type : Comedy