The Unforgiven “Patricia MacDonald Collection” – HD

Thirty-something Marie Fraser arrives on a small island in the South of France, where she has been hired as an editor on a local daily paper. Marie starts her new life and tries to settle in, but she seems beset by deep-seated feelings of anxiety, irrational fears and a total lack of confidence, spoiling her relations with the island’s inhabitants. She tries to put the past behind her but memories keep surfacing and strange coincidences upset her and the people around her. She begins a relationship with Pierre Levaillant, her editor-in-chief, that she hopes will help her break the spell hanging over her, but her co-worker, Melanie, is jealous for the couple. When Pierre disappears, events take a sudden turn for the worse and Marie comes under suspicion and her buried past begins to come out.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 90'

Director(s) : José Pinheiro

Author(s) : Olivier Balazuc

Producer(s) : Dune, Diagonal TV

Format : 90'

Type : Thriller / Literary Adaptation