Lila Claudel

Lila Claudel is a nurse. That day, at the Marseille airport, she takes care of a young woman who just has been attacked. Tom, her son of about 10 years old, is hopefully safe. The victim, Muriel Danys is taken at the hospital, she is in a coma. The young boy without known family is taken by Lila. Tom never knew his father, Tristan who died before his birth. It’s to find his paternal grandma that he was flying from Tanzania with his mother. Lila will have to help Tom to find this very wealthy woman, Suzanne Vidal.

In his quest, Lila gets unexpected help from Stanislas Marchand, a journalist…

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes :

Length : 96'

Director(s) : Emmanuel Gust

Author(s) : Dominique LANCELOT, Hélène COUTURIER

Producer(s) : Auteurs Associés, TF1

Format : 1X96'

Type : Saga