Malo Korrigan

After centuries of intergalactic wars, the universe has entered a period of relative peace and prosperity. Over two hundred planets have united to form a far-reaching confederation. Space transport has become of vital importance, making the krill-fireng Consortium extremely wealthy and powerful. Obeying no one and nothing but the law of profit, this powerful and brutal organization now dominates the far flung corners of the universe… Only a small handful of independant space carriers remains. They are freedom loving rebels and the only ones who dare stand up to the Consortium. These men and women are the direct descendents of that mythical adventurer, the American Trucker. Antique rock and roll hits blaring from their cockpit speakers as they travel through outerspace, colorful daredevils in love with the challenge of wide open spaces, they always keep their promise and deliver the goods in record time ! Dangerous shortcuts, mechanical failures, inter-stellar storms, high-risk cargo or unexpected passengers on board all hurl them into the distant reaches of the universe and into uncharted territories where they live extraordinary adventures. These adventurers are known as… THE TRACERS.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 26

Length : 26'

Director(s) : Arthur Quak, Norman J. Le Blanc

Author(s) : Frédéric Collet, Christophe Chèze, Hervé Perouze

Producer(s) : Reinhard Casper, Futurikon, Tooncan, Carrere Group

Format : 26 X 26'

Type : Science Fiction / 2D and CGI