Milo and the Mystery of the Yellow Tree

Returning to the park where he forgot his ball near the big cedar, Milo overhears a shadow that slips between the branches of the tree and runs away. The next day, Milo and his friends find their beautiful tree sick. With the help of parents, the little bunnies want to solve the mystery. An expedition is organized and what a surprise to discover a man pouring poison on the tree ! The culprit is unmasked, he wanted to kill the tree to build a huge car park. The tree is saved et to celebrate this victory, children decorate the tree for Christmas.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 26'

Director(s) : Bruno Desraisses

Author(s) : Fabricio Ostani, Florence Le Couédic

Producer(s) : Les Films de la Perrine

Format : 26'

Type : Preschool