Milo’s adventures show a large part of the everyday life of young children such as the games, the emotions, the first experiences, the dreams and sometimes the first little fears. However these subjects are always treated with a lot of sensitivity and love, the psychological characteristics of a child of Milo’s age are also taken into account. These stories are fun and educational, without being a lesson. The attention and the love from parents, the happy relationship with grandparents, (with the complementary harmony between a child and his grandparents expressed by Marcello Marcesi: “The Child Is Small And The Elder Is Hunched / they whisper to each other while walking”), Milo’s love for animals and his respect for people, demonstrate a range of values. These particular sensitive issues make Milo’s adventures easy to understand for children from 3 to 5 years old. The “rabbit” world created by the author is an international one, in this world the rabbits are the only anthropomorphic animals and the only ones who talk. The characters express the values shared with children all over the world as well as their parents. It is a world so realistic, fortunate and tender, that children want to be part of Milo’s small, but important adventures.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 104

Length : 5'

Director(s) : Bruno Desraisses

Author(s) : Violaine Donadello-Szapary, Mireille Pertusot, Philippe Poirier...

Producer(s) : Carrere Group, Gertie Srl, Tooncan Inc.

Format : 104 X 5’

Type : Preschool