Sacred Mounts (The) – HD

Mount Athos, Greece

The very secretive Republic of Mount Athos is a theocratic democracy where no cameras nor women can penetrate. Several thousands of monks live in this autonomous territory of 325m2.

Mount Mtatsminda, Georgia

In the very center of the city right across the main street of Tbilisi, Mount Mtatsminda is occupied by a small cemetery, the Pantheon of famous Georgians.

Mount Saint-Patrick, Ireland

On ‘Reek Sunday’, the last Sunday in July, over 25,000 pilgrims visit and climb the Reek in honour of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. Among them, Father O’Neil will guide us and tell us about the history of this Mount.

Mount of Olives, Israël

The Mount of Olives is a mountain ridge east of and adjacent to the Jerusalem’s Old City. Because of its association with both Jesus and Mary, the Mount has been a site of Christian worship since ancient times and is today a major site of Christian pilgrimage for Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christians.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Fuji San, the highest peak in Japan and one of its the most perfect volcano cones, is venerated by the Japaneses since the VIIth century.

Mount Ararat, Turkey (Armemian tradition)

It is the place where Noah’s Ark reached dry land, according to the ancient texts of Jewish and Christian traditions.

Category : Documentary

Number of Episodes : 6

Length : 52'

Director(s) : Eddy Vicken, Gilles Thompson, Elvire Duvelle-Charles

Author(s) : Yvon Bertorello, Eddy Vicken, Laurent Firode, Gilles Thompson, Elvire Duvelle-Charles, Gilles Thellier

Producer(s) : Les Films De L'Effronté, AAA Audiovisuel, Carrimages 3, Carrimages 4, Carrimages5

Format : 6 X 52'

Type : Documentary / Cultural / Travel