Safe Heaven “Patricia MacDonald Collection” – HD

Léa, 30, works at a luxury hotel and is going through a rough patch with her boyfriend Bruno who is becoming increasingly jealous and aggressive. Is it because she fell pregnant out of the blue? Or because Bruno’s father is very ill? Or because of the financial problems he’s having with his riding school? One day, Bruno becomes violent and Léa moves into an apartment at the hotel next-door to her friend Vincent, the hotel pianist. He’s a widow and a model father with two young daughters, but Bruno is furious at her for leaving and stars to harass her, becoming increasingly threatening. Her friend Jennifer warns her against Bruno and when Jennifer is found murdered, Léa panics and decides to run away. Vincent suggest she move with him to another town and unwittingly, Léa accepts.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 90'

Director(s) : José Pinheiro

Author(s) : Clément Delage, Michel Ferry

Producer(s) : Dune, Diagonal TV

Format : 90'

Type : Thriller / Literary Adaptation