M. Joseph

Established in a peaceful village of province, Monsieur Joseph is a man without history and very appreciated by his fellow countrymen. Born as Youssef Ben Korma, he made everything to merge himself in the mass and he led a quiet existence until a murder occurred… The rumour accuses him of being the author of the crime, just because of a small sentence said without thinking. Monsieur Joseph falls then in a spiral of misunderstandings and malicious gossips. He tries to resist to what is slowly being transformed into a real charge of murder. He soon understands that he becomes again the “Youssef” he used to be when he first arrived in the village, and sees all the most pleasant people accuse him as if they had never known him before…

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 90'

Director(s) : Olivier Langlois

Author(s) : Olivier Langlois

Producer(s) : Jade Productions

Format : 90'

Type : Drama / Literary Adaptation (G. Simenon)