Aimed at children 4 to 7, with an appeal to kids all ages, Panshel will allow you to follow the magical exploits of a group of lovable flying pandas in a captivating kingdom in the clouds! Welcome to Panshel’s World, a bright and shining realm overflowing with fun and surprises… A floating cloud kingdom among the clouds where a pair of wings and a lot of hope take Panshel and his pals to extraordinary adventures in a fantastic setting! Panshel’s world is dedicated to encourage children to give their imaginations free reign through storytelling, role-playing, creative play and observing the world around them.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 52

Length : 13'

Director(s) : Sidonie Herman, Florent Mounier

Author(s) : Marie Mazingue, Marie Cerise Barizeel

Producer(s) : Production & Partners Multimedia

Format : 52 X 13’

Type : Preschool / CGI / Licensy