Patricia MacDonald Collection – HD

Patricia Macdonald is author of “the Unforgiven”, an “Edgar Award nominee”, “Stranger in the House”, “Little Sister”, “No way Home”, “Mother’s Day”, and “Secret Admirer”, winner of the 1997 literary prize at France’s Deauville Film Festival. After obtaining a doctorate of journalism in Boston, Patricia MacDonald decided to write in various magazines: medical newspaper, female magazines… She is married with a writer, Art Bourgeau, which is also a bookseller, specialized in the novels with suspense. Her novels, translated in several places over the world, Japan, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Eastern Countries, France, etc… immediately placed her among the best young people authors of psychological and suspense novels. This American woman aligning the best-sellers for twenty years likes families’ stories and small secrets. With an expert hand, she shows the doubt and ambiguity on American Way of Life. She likes these lies, these tearings of the family unit which came up only at the last second, in the ultimate chapter.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 4

Length : 90' + 120'

Director(s) : José Pinheiro, Francis Huster, Christian Bonnet

Author(s) : Clément Delage, José Pinheiro, Francis Huster, Christian Bonnet

Producer(s) : Dune

Format : 2 X 90’ and 2 X 120’

Type : Thriller / Literary Adaptation