Phantom Spirits

Once upon a time, in a dark forest, Agatha, Hercules and their grandson Jaz live in an old ramshackle manor house. Jaz works for the local Police forces in the supernatural investigations office. At his side, he can count on the presence of odd assistants : Toby, Knoc- Knoc and Disaster, three small facetious ghosts gathered by Agatha during her midnight strolls in the nearby cemetery. This unusual family devotes all its energy to elucidate the strangest mysteries. Agatha resorts to her crystal ball and her psychic talents, while Hercules, thanks to his inventions as crazy as useless, will be of a precious help. Intrigues, suspens, roars of laughter and goose bumps galore await you !

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 52

Length : 26'

Director(s) : Jean-Jacques Lasarte

Author(s) : Sébastien Dorsey

Producer(s) : Carrere Group, Safari de Ville

Format : 52 X 26’

Type : Comedy / Adventure