Prudence Petitpas Investigation

Prudence Petitpas lives in a small village called Moucheron. She knits, potters in her garden and greatly enjoys talking to her cat Stanislas. Her lifestyle appears to be a classic example of the peace and tranquillity that fills the days of a well deserved retirement. But in fact, Prudence is a bit of a riddle solver and the driving force behind the adventures of resolving the mysteries that often take place in her village… Moucheron is rather a strange place despite its ordinary appearance with a funny cast of characters. There is police commissioner Duroc, Prudence’s old friend, Cyprien the police officer, the three jealous Bechamel sisters who live next door, and the village kids who, though quite miscievious, are golden hearted allies in Prudence’s adventures… Each episode is an intriguing adventure which takes place «just around the corner» with a script of gags and laughs keeping the audience smiling and interested to the very end. 

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 52

Length : 26'

Director(s) : Eric Berthier

Author(s) : Leslie Bedos, Philippe Poirier, Michel Oleffe, Rober Reuchamps, Annetta Zucchi, Annick Uenten

Producer(s) : Carrere Group, Odec Kid Cartoon, Les Films de la Perrine, Motion Picture

Format : 52 X 26’

Type : Adventure / Comedy