Shtoing Circus

You’re going to meet the biggest, the most astounding, in short, the tiniest, dinky-winkiest flea circus in the world! Our breathtaking show abounds in never-seen before acts, a series of electrifying performances which combine skill, death-defying courage, and rib-busting comedy ! Max Tarlton trundles the world’s smallest big top open-air circus tent from country to country in a big box-trailer behind his motorcycle. The DINKY- WINKY CIRCUS travels the globe, from north to south, from east to west, stopping in different places, different countries every time. And wherever they happen to be performing, in each episode you’ll see these tiny fleas rehearse their little legs off. In their quest for artistic perfection, they leave no flea unturned! They brave all danger! Will face any animal or plants. Will daringly leap out of the way of those mysterious « Fuzzies » who pound the pavement with their puzzling rubber soles. Naturally, absolutely everything for these dinky critters less than a sliver of a pea in height, everything is an Adventure with a capital A… as in « Adrenaline Rush Guaranteed».

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 52

Length : 13'

Director(s) : Raldo, Raskal

Author(s) : Claire Proletti, Jérôme Richebon

Producer(s) : Jean Paul Gaspari, Gilbert Hus, Pictor Media, Carrere Group, Praxinos studio, RG Prince Films

Format : 52 X 13’

Type : Comedy