Christmas Tales

Each episode of “Christmas Tales” sheds light on a Christmas object, fact or tradition that often has its roots in religion, superstition or ancient legend. What are the origins of the word “Christmas”? Why do we give and receive gifts? Where does Santa Claus come from? Who were the Three Wise Men? Why do we decorate trees? Why do we eat turkey on Christmas? The stories, traditions and spirit of this wonderful family event are revealed through “Christmas Tales” with warmth, festivity and magic.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 12

Length : 4'

Director(s) : Christophe Bénabid

Author(s) : Christophe Bénabid

Producer(s) : Sylvain Plantard, PMP Morgane

Format : 12 X 4’

Type : Family / Educationnal / CGI