Step Grandmother 1 & 2

Grégoire alias “The Pacha”, retired from the French Navy and Josephine as “Babou”, are young grandparents watching their house being invaded by their children and grandchildren. Audrey, the older, has 3 kids. Charlotte, the middle daughter is divorced with a daughter and recently pregnant by her husband-to-be Prado who is also divorced raising 2 children. Thibault is the youngest, who recently gave up his Naval Commission to follow his beloved Estella to Brazil. Eleven years later, Pacha still has not forgiven him. Estella and Thibault had a son, Justino. Babou is tormented by the idea of this unknown grandchild, and no matter what Grégoire says, she will go to Brazil one day.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 2 or 1

Length : 90' or 180'

Director(s) : Marion Sarrault

Author(s) : Marion Sarrault

Producer(s) : Carrere Group

Format : 2 X 90’ or 180’

Type : Comedy