Tears of the Angels

These days, on the French Riviera, Good and Evil confront each other in the guise of a businessman ready to do anything to get more money and possessions, and a baritone, committed to the pursuit of his art and the power of the spirit. The two men, tied together by their mutual love of the beautiful soprano, Esther Manet, are still at each other’s throats, thirty years later. Even if the businessman does not have the talent of the singer, he does embrace the role of Mephisto in life, manipulating the lives of others. So what else can the great Carlo di Vanelli do, if not believe in his art, right until the very end?

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 4

Length : 90'

Director(s) : Jacques Otmezguine

Author(s) : Michel Alexandre, Jacques Otmezguine

Producer(s) : Nelly Kafsky, ICT Nelka Films

Format : 4 X 90'

Type : Saga