3 Wise Men (The)

Judea, days before the birth of the messiah. Under the shadow of the Imperial Roman eagle, Herod, with the help of Belial, his faithful counsellor and magician, rules with absolute tyranny, obsessed with proving his right to the throne he usurped. But something is about to happen… Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar, three Wise Men who possess powerful skills in the art of magic, have been waiting for years for a sign that would indicate them the time and place in which the course of history would change and finally, the time has come. Guided by a new star, the Three Wise Men share their wisdom and join their forces to confront the threat of Herod and Belial, along with Sarah and Tobias, and find, before they do, the royal treasures destined to the true king. Their mission will lead them to a journey full of dangers and adventures, and they archieve the quest, new powers and surprises will be awaiting for them.

Category : Animation, Feature Film

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 77'

Director(s) : Antonio Navarro

Author(s) : Juan Ignacio Peña, Jaunjo Ibañez, Javier Aguirreamalloa

Producer(s) : Claude Carrere, Eduardo Campoy, Animagicstudio

Format : 77'

Type : Action / Adventure / Comedy