Counterfeiters (The) – HD

Bernard, a Parisian high-school student, discovers that he is the bastard son of an adulterous relationship between his mother and a fleeting lover. He nurtures a deep contempt for the man who raised him and decides to run away from home. But not knowing where to spend his first night, he stays with one of his classmates, Olivier. Olivier is a shy boy, lacking affection, who tries to fill this need with his close friends or with his Uncle Edouard, with whom he shares a mutual attraction. Bernard finds himself employed by Edouard as a secretary and the two of them leave together for a trip to the mountains. Out of spite and jealousy, Olivier gives in to the advances of the wealthy and successful writer, the Count de Passavant, a dandy who has had his eye on the boy for a while and takes advantage of his fragile state to make his move.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 120'

Director(s) : Benoît Jacquot

Author(s) : Benoît Jacquot

Producer(s) : Guy Seligman

Format : 120'

Type : Literary Adaptation / Costume